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The Science of Strength Training


Reduce Body Fat

Increasing muscle mass through resistance training is proven to stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories, effectively decreasing fat cells in troubled areas such the abdominal region.

Weight loss benefits include higher mood and self-esteem, improved sleep, and lower risk of chronic disease. Click here to view a study about the effects of strength training for fat loss.

Here’s a link to a study on the benefits of strength training for fat loss. This fat loss not only makes you look and feel better, it also vastly improves your health.

Improve Heart Health

A reduction of abdominal fat will alter your long term health trajectory with improvements in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar. Lifestyle changes such as implementing strength training will help metabolic function, ensuring your body reduces strain on the heart, and lessening the risk of heart disease.

Diabetes Management

A review published in the medical journal, BioMed Research International, finds strength training boosts your muscles ability to use glucose for fuel. By improving this insulin response and lowering blood sugar levels, these workouts help guard against and relieve symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Long-term inflammation caused by excess visceral fat, or belly fat, can be a factor for long term-health complications. These types of fat cells are known to produce a high level of a protein called FGF2, which is a cancer-triggering protein. Research from medical journal, Oncogene, showed that the decrease in visceral fat from strength training helps lower the risk of cancer.

Increase Bone Strength

Strength training is a good stressor to the body, triggering responses in your bones that increase bone density. Long term use of resistance can improve mobility, reduce injury, and fight against osteoporosis. Strength training is effective for all ages, but is especially gaining popularity amongst older generations to improve overall function.

Mental Health Benefits

Physical activity is known to trigger the feel-good hormone in your brain. The release of these endorphins instantly elevates your mood and improves your sense of well being. Strength training consistently is a great way to become more resilient to stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and gain more confidence.

Improve Brain Health

There are many studies that point to significant improvements in cognitive function for those that strength train versus those that don’t. Adding resistance to your exercise routine can help improve your blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body. It also increases expression of brain-derived neurotrophic, BDNF, which is linked to learning and memory.

Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

Strength training regularly increases muscle mass, decreases fat, and makes you look and feel stronger than ever. Your body will take on a more toned shape, and your posture will improve. The ripple effect of these physical and mental benefits can help you achieve things you never thought possible, increasing your confidence and your belief in yourself.

At Lyft24, we give you the tools you need to transform your body and mind through a science-based strength training program.

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